Bellytray Starting Kit (white)

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Bellytray is a mobile presentation system for catering, sampling and promotions. It is a multifunctional, efficient, hygienic and ergonomic carrying system that with its exchangeable trays makes an eye catcher out of each product that is presented.

Multifunctional Trays

Multiple exchangeable trays fit in the Bellytray. The measurements are according to Gastronorm standards, which makes the integration with existing catering systems possible. There are different types of trays, including trays for appetiser glasses, or a cutting board for a cheeseplatter. In addition, it is possible to append accessories to the hip strap, for instance a purse or a sauce bottle. Your employees will have their hands free and will be able to give their full attention to the quality of the product and service.

Bellytray for Catering

Bellytray offers the solution for the catering industry to the increasing demands from clients for Live-Cooking, mobile catering and the presentation of fresh products. Bellytray provides the opportunity to present Food and Beverages in an attractive and simple manner.

Starting kit Bellytray

The Bellytray Starting Kit is standardly delivered including:

  • Bellytray vending tray
  • Shoulder strap and hip strap
  • Tray, 24-gap, diameter 63 mm, for example for beer and soda bottles, salad shakers, or fruit.
  • Tray, 60-gap, diameter 32 mm, for example for small snacks or appetiser glasses
  • Tray, 00-gap, sealed tray for the presentation of various F&B
  • Bellytray is supplied without a logo on the frontside, your company logo can be here!


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